Before applying it is recommended to read the contest rules first. There are some key rules to keep in mind before your application: 

  1. DESCRIPTION:  American Equestrians Got Talent, “AEGT” was founded by Robert Dover, USA six time Dressage Olympian. In its seventh year, “AEGT” is the largest  Equestrian fundraising talent show in Wellington, Fla. This contest is supported by Discover Dressage, a 501c3, founded by Kimberly VanKampen, partnered with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) ‘Emerging Athlete Program,’ is part of the USEF/USDF Pathway to the Medals

2. PARTICIPANTS: All the contestants who received the Golden Ticket in 2020 automatically qualify for the AEGT Grand Finale 2021.  All participants must sign  the release form. Minors must have parents or guardians signed release form.  The previous year Grand Prize winner isn’t eligible to compete. Contestants must prepare a 2 minute song for Live auditions 
3. ONLINE & LIVE AUDITIONS: Contestants are required to apply online at Ten finalists will be selected for the Finale on March 21th, 2021 by the AEGT Show Committee. Contestants will be selected from two live auditions AS WELL AS from online applications in certain circumstances.  Live audition performers will have a chance to receive a Golden Ticket to ensure their inclusion in the Finale. Two Live auditions will be held in Wellington, Florida. The dates and location will be announced. . All applicants who live in the State of Florida must be available to attend at least one live audition. Applicants who live outside of the State of Florida may be selected as finalists, at the discretion of the Show Committee. All travel expenses are the responsibility of the contestant. The Show Committee will contact every applicant with information about the live auditions.
4. SELECTION: The top 10 finalists will be personally contacted and announced on our website and social media accounts. All finalists must have 2 two minute songs prepared to perform in the Finale (one balad song, and one upbeat song)
5. FINALE VOTING SYSTEM: The FINALE will be held on Sunday, March 21th, 2021, 6:00 p.m., at the Adequan® Global Dressage VIP Tent, 13500 South Shore Blvd. Wellington, FL.


First Round: 


    - 25% : TEXT  VOTING = Total money raised.

    - 50%: Judges Criteria. 


Second Round: The top Four Finalists will perform in the same order as in Round 1.


    - 25% : TEXT  VOTING = Total money raised.

    - 50%: Judges Criteria. 

The top 4 contestants will be rewarded with:
  • First Place: $10.000

  • Second Place: $5.000

  • Third Place: $2.500 

  • Fourth Place : $1.000 ​