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Kerrigan Gluch “I love having the opportunity to represent the US in Europe”

Beginning in June of 2018, The US Equestrian Team named two athlete-and-horse combinations, Kerrigan Gluch & Natalie Pai, for the CDI-U25 competition at CHIO Rotterdam, June 21-23, 2018, as part of their Discover Dressage™ USEF Emerging Athlete Program for Dressage​ membership.

Kerrigan Gluch (Wellington, Fla.) and Bolero CXLVIII, Hampton Green Farm's 14-year-old P.R.E. stallion, had a solid start to their season with top placings at the AGDF 2018. They won the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle 16-25 CDI-U25 during AGDF7. Gluch and Bolero CXLVIII then helped the U.S. team win silver in the CDIO-U25 during week 12.

Kerrigan & Bolero CXLVIII in CHIO Rotterdam 2018 ( Netherlands)

In her first European competition in the CDI-U25, and as part of the Discover Dressage™ USEF Emerging Athlete Program for Dressage​, Kerrigan Gluch showed regularity and consistency on her scores along with Bolero CXLVIII, Hampton Green Farm's 14-year-old P.R.E.

After the wonderful experience in the dressage Dutch catedral of CHIO Rotterdam, her next show was in Leudelange, Luxembourg, where she placed on the top 5 on the Intermedia II with a 67.235.

How has the 2018 been for you?

2018 was an amazing year. I had the opportunity to train and compete in yet another Wellington season. Following that I also had the opportunity to travel to Europe and represent the US in various U25 competitions. Throughout the year I was fortunate enough to train with some amazing people and gain a ton of knowledge. Not only did I gain more competition ring time, I also focused a lot on myself as a rider and what I can continue to do to improve.

Kerrigan & Bolero CXLVIII, winners AGDF 7 2018

Where have you traveled this year ? What shows did you do? Which one was your favorite?

In 2018 I was able to spend the winter season in Wellington, Fl. There I competed in various national and CDI competitions. The highlight of the Wellington season for me was the U25 Nations Cup.

US TEAM , Spanish Team & Canadian Team , CDIOU25 2018 Wellington, Florida

Following Wellington, I traveled to Belgium, where the US SR team was based for the Euro Tour. Having the opportunity to be involved with all of the riders you look up to was something really special. Over the six weeks we were there, I traveled to Rotterdam, Netherlands and Leudelange, Luxemburg for two CDI competitions.

Kerrigan & Bolero CXLVIII in CHIO Rotterdam 2018 ( Netherlands)

To end the tour, I had the privilege to travel to Aachen, Germany to cheer on my friend and teammate Natalie Pai as she represented the US in the Nations Cup. I also was able to witness the SR team do an amazing job in their Nations Cup as well. It was truly something special. To end the summer, I brought two horses to the Festival of Champions at Lamplight Equestrian Center in August. Both horses performed very well and I could not have asked for a better way to end the competition season.

Kerrigan & Bolero CXLVIII in Wellington

How has Discover Dressage helped your progress in the sport?

The Discover Dressage program has been and continues to be a crucial part in my young rider career. It gives me opportunities to train with top trainers, take part in clinics, and travel to various competitions. All of those aspects come together and create the perfect situation for up and coming young riders.

Kerrigan & Bolero CXLVIII in CHIO Rotterdam 2018 ( Netherlands)

Do you have any tips for dealing with competition nerves?

I feel like everyone deals with competition nerves in a different way. For me, I tend to take my time prior to getting on my horse, as the time for quiet and focus. I normally listen to music and take that hour or so to groom my horse and go over what I have to do during my upcoming ride.

Kerrigan & Bolero CXLVIII in CHIO Rotterdam 2018 ( Netherlands)

What is the most enjoyable part of dressage for you?

There are many amazing parts of dressage. I think the obvious part of dressage would be the competitions you get to take part in. Since I am pretty young I have not had a lot of experience with this, but the little experiences I have had, I love. I love having the opportunity to represent the US in any way I can. I think it is something special working with your teammates towards a mutual goal.

What are you looking forward this Florida season ?

Florida season is always a lot of fun. I am looking forward to training hard and improving each of my horses.

What is your advice you would give to a young rider who would like to advance in sport?

I think Dressage is like any sport. You have to work hard in every aspect of it in order to be successful. The same goes for young riders. I think the most important thing would be taking every opportunity that you possibly can, because as a young rider you never know where it will take you.

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