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Ki-Juan Minors: "AEGT gave me a huge boost to go forward with my career"

Ki-Juan Minors is a talented singer and rider based in Wellington, known for his dual passions in equestrianism and music. Originally from Bermuda, Minors has found success in both his professional career as an equestrian and as a budding musician. Ki-Juan became the first winner of AEGT .

  • Describe your personal experience at AEGT?

I had a great experience each time performing and getting to know the other competitors during the event. It’s a great cause and it was awesome to have so much support from everyone involved over the years 

  • Winning AEGT must have been a thrilling moment. How has this win shaped your aspirations and career goals moving forward?

It definitely gave me a huge boost to go forward with my career as an independent artist. 

  • Balancing two different passions can be challenging. How do you manage your time between pursuing your equestrian career and your musical career?

Yes very challenging! As we all know being a full time equestrian takes most of your time, however I have the ability to balance the two evenly. Whenever I get a chance to write and perform I take full advantage of it. 

2022 Ki-Juan Minors and Pop Muzic topped the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby presented by Pilates Rocks

  • Can you share a specific moment or experience where your love for horses and your passion for singing intersected in a memorable way?

I would have to say when I was asked to perform National Amthem at three Hampton Classic HORSESHOW, where I proposed to my wife. PRESSURE!!! But it was one of the best moments of my life where I was able to ride, perform and propose. 

  • Could you share more about your musical journey following your participation in AEGT? You released some singles afterward—could you tell us about those?

Since my time competing at AEGT, I’ve released numerous singles, and EP’s which are available on all music platforms. I’ve had quite the number of performances all over the U.S and overseas. 


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