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Erin Nichols: "Discover Dressage provides support for riders who want to compete internationally"

1.    Where have you traveled this year? What shows did you do? Which one was your favorite?

            During the summer of 2023, I competed in 4 competitions in 2 different countries: Geesteren, Hagen (Future Champions), Aachen CDIY, and Kronenberg/Peelbergen. All of these competitions were amazing, but my favorite has to be Aachen. There is simply no other competition like Aachen. You can see every equestrian discipline compete at the highest level and be amongst the best riders in the world.

2.      How did the experience of competing in Europe differ from your previous competitions, especially on the international stage?

            Europe is unique and invaluable because you can compete against so many different countries. There are not a lot of opportunities to have these types of international competitions so it's a great way to see where you stand amongst the world stage.

3.     In what ways has the Discover Dressage program influenced your dressage Career?

            Discover dressage provides support for riders who want to compete internationally and the emerging athletes of the United States. It is so important because the United States is so big and isolated from the other competing countries.

4.    How do you think programs like Discover Dressage contribute to the development of young riders in the equestrian community?

            Discover Dressage can help riders get financial support, which is so critical. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience the sport at the global level.

5.    This past summer you had  the opportunity to compete in high-level competition such as Aachen through Discover Dressage program. Can you describe the emotions and thoughts that ran through your mind when you first entered the arena to ride the center line?

            I did not know what to expect and could not anticipate the buzzing energy of the stadium. I was full of excitement and pride entering the arena. There is no feeling like representing your country and the most prestigious show in the world. I wanted to make my team proud, as well as my country.

6.    What are you looking forward this Florida season ?

            I am really excited to compete at the Open Grand Prix CDI level.


7.    What is your advice you would give to a young rider who would like to advance in sport?

            My advice to a young rider who would like to advance in the sport is to work hard and take advantage of any opportunity to watch lessons or clinics of people who inspire you. Also be patient and always continue learning! I always say to myself “be a sponge” and enjoy the journey!


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