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AEGT 2019: Open Call for Auditions

Founded by Robert Dover, the biggest fundraising talent show in the equestrian community in Wellington, Fla. is back! American Equestrians Got Talent (AEGT) is ready to give local performers a platform to showcase their singing and dancing skills – all for a good cause! In its fourth year, AEGT 2019 will be held on Sunday, March 17, 2019 at the Adequan® Global Dressage VIP tend at 13500 South Shore Blvd., Wellington, Fla.

The competition will spotlight local equestrian contestants who have exceptional non-horsey talent, battling it out to be crowned the winner of AEGT 2019. Those interested in auditioning — the entire equestrian community, including riders, grooms, and others involved in any discipline — are called to submit to the website. Revamped with a new format, AEGT 2019 is back on track with live auditions. Contestants will show off their singing, dancing, and other skills for a live audience! The first ones are February 6TH, 2019 and March 6th , 2019 with a location soon to be announced.

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