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Wellington, FL – March,10th, 2019

For the fourth year in a row, the Equestrian Community of Wellington took a short respite from their horse duties and enjoyed a wonderful night watching the American Equestrians Got Talent (AEGT) Live Auditions at Romeo’s restaurant.

A wide range of talent was showcased, including choreographed dancers, an indie-rocker playing her guitar to Johnny Cash, and a fifteen year-old Elvis impersonator among others. The talent was evaluated by Wellington’s very own Celebrity Judges, which included PJ Rizvi, USA Grand Prix dressage rider; Jacqueline Brooks, Olympic Canadian Dressage Rider; Carol Cohen Hodess, owner of Two Swans Farm, founding sponsor of Global Dressage ; and, lastly, Chip McKenney, founder of Gay Polo.

Comedian Robert McNeil performed before and during the show, while six time Olympian Robert Dover hosted the evening.

A total of 12 talented competitors were in the first round, including Tayla Davis, Chantal Juliette, Gianna Pérez, Michael Boone, Ciana Ruocco, Madison McClaren, Matt Stone, Annie McGrath, Camilo Navarrete & Dionte Rose, Lyla Chaubal, Carly Cantor and Christopher Elberth.

After a first round competition, the judges determined that Matt Stone, Michael Boone, Carly Cantor, Lyla Chaubal and Christopher L Birth would move on to the last round. After showcasing their second performance, Matt Stone, Michael Boone and Christopher Elberth won a Golden Ticket to the Finale being held March 17, 2019 at the Adequan Global Dressage VIP tent located in Wellington,Florida where they will compete for the $10.000 prize.

Matt Stone : The Elvis Impersonator

Elvis fans of all ages were pleasantly surprised when fifteen year old Matt Stone not only sang, but danced to his version of Elvis Presley song, "Now or Never". For his second performance, “Run Around Sue”, Matt mesmerized the audience with his jaw-dropping energy, stage presence, style and charisma, creating an absolutely unforgettable performance.

After Matt’s second song, Chip commented, “First of all you have a great voice. You are a great singer but you are a tremendous entertainer. You got it ! Fellow judge PJ said "You are unbelievable. I’ll give a 10

Michael Boone is back on track again.

Michael Boone is no stranger to AEGT. In 2017, he won a Live Auditions Round and made it to the finals on 2018. This year he is back to claim the top spot!

On the first round, Michael soulfully sang Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together.’ On the second performance, he wowed the crowd with Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You”. Boone exudes a timeless elegance with a wide range of vocal abilities and control. We look forward to see his next performance at the finale.

After the final round, Carol Cohen said : I think you nailed this. It think is fascinating. That was really wow. A 10 for you Michael Boone !

Christopher Elberth: Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

Christopher’s performance came as a complete surprise to all. AEGT fans know him well he is a waiter at Romeo’s who diligently served us during the first and second tryouts, and was even working that night up until his performance. As the final performer of the first round, the audience was at first wondering why Christopher was on stage in his Romeo’s uniform. Without pause, he started his rendition of ACDC’s ‘TNT’ and the crowd went absolutely wild. His powerful performance secured a spot in the final round, where he won a golden ticket singing Radiohead’s ‘Creep.’ The 90’s alternative rock fans in the house were more than satisfied.

PJ Rizvi “You have an amazing tone, I will give you a ten”. Fellow Judge Jacqueline Brooks “What just happened here.It was perfect. I was not expecting this at Romeo’s in Wellington. It’s a 10 for you.

Mark your calendar and make your plans now for the biggest fundaraiser of the winter social calendar in Wellington, Florida, American Equestrians Got Talent Big FINALE on :

Sunday 17th March 2019 at 6:30 pm

At Adequan Global Dressage VIP Tent,

13500 South Shore Blvd. Wellington, FL

Ticket Information: Patty Scott - 917-318-0425/

or go to

About AEGT

American Equestrians Got Talent, “AEGT” was founded by Robert Dover, USA six time Dressage Olympian. In its fourth year, “AEGT” is the largest Equestrian fundraising talent show in Wellington, FL. This contest is supported by Discover Dressage, a 501c3 founded by Kimberly Van Kampen, which supports the USEF Emerging Athlete Program for Dressage​

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