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Special guest appearances by professional performers at AEGT Big Finale 2019

The AEGT Finale at Adequan Global Dressage this Sunday, March 17 will open with Emma Jaye. A New York City native, she started off acting and became a returning character on the HBO show Boardwalk Empire, featured in Law & Order: SVU, and other movies such as Barely Lethal with Samuel Jackson. Although she loves acting and has been successful professionally, Emma has been singing for even longer. She began singing at the age of ten and at nineteen finally chose to listen to her heart and pursue music. Since deciding to focus on music full-time, she has released 3 songs. Emma Jaye is also the daughter of Ashley Holzer, an Olympian and new US Team rider who just competed this week for America here on our Nation’s Cup Team winning GOLD.

The second performer of the night will be Joey Niceforo, who recently released a full-length solo debut, Priceless, having debuted at #3 on Canadas iTunes Pop Chart. Recorded at London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios with an 80-piece orchestra, Priceless features an A-list production team, including producers John Jones (Celine Dion, Duran Duran, Fleetwood Mac), Sam Reid (Glass Tiger), producer/conductor/arranger Steve Sidwell (The Carole King Musical –Beautiful, Shirley Bassey, Robbie Williams) and late engineer Steve Price (Adele, Sam Smith, Michael Jackson). Priceless also features multiple tracks by powerhouse songwriter, Diane Warren (Aerosmith, Toni Braxton, LeAnn Rimes) and current and former members of Glass Tiger.

Niceforo spent just two days at Abbey Road, but dedicated a year sourcing the material for Priceless. Doing so was a labour of love and an opportunity for him to choose songs he felt he had a “perfect connection” with. “In previous groups I haven’t always had the opportunity to choose what I sang. These songs were hand-picked.” Among them, lead single, ‘Winner Takes It All’ and ‘Solitaire,’ as well as tracks by well-known artists that come from somewhat deeper on their own records, like Tom Waits’ ‘Take It With Me’ and Elton John’s ‘Live Like Horses.’

Niceforo has already had a lengthy and distinguished career as a performer. In 2005, he made his professional debut as a member of the Canadian Tenors. In 2006, he founded classical crossover act, Destino, which toured worldwide and performed at the 2008 Beijing and 2010 Vancouver Olympics as well as at Carnegie Hall. Niceforo also toured widely throughout North America, Italy and the Czech Republic, was featured on NBC performing the American National Anthem during NYC’s Columbus Day parade in New York and, on CBC’s 2017 Canada Day broadcast, singing ‘Oh Canada’ in Italian. He has also won the prestigious Nel Mondo Award, which celebrates the achievements of people of Italian descent worldwide, and includes Sophia Loren and Luciano Pavarotti among its previous recipients.

Joey recently returned from touring his music in China for the month of September 2018.


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